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Polysilicon Market Report: The 2014 Who's Who of Solar Silicon Production

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Polysilicon prices collapse amid global supply glut

December 30, 2015 – The year 2015 ended with a new record low of the polysilicon spot price. On December 30, PVinsights reported an average price of US$13.18/kg for high-purity PV grade material. Bernreuter Research had predicted on December 3 that the spot price would fall to around $13/kg by the end of the year. Based on Bernreuter's insights, pv magazine published an article on the price slump in its December issue: "Polysilicon prices collapse amid global supply glut."

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Review of the polysilicon market report

Bernreuter Research has published a new study on silicon production with probably the greatest amount of information on the subject so far. Bernreuter paints a picture of the industry that is as extensive as it is detailed. The study is also valuable because, unlike many of his fellow analysts, Bernreuter goes beyond just reporting the status quo.

Jörn Iken in Sun & Wind Energy 1/2014

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"The well-researched reports of Bernreuter Research provide an easy to digest forward view of upcoming market and technology trends."

Charlie Gay, Technical Advisory Board at Siva Power

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