The Who's Who of Solar Silicon Production (Basic Edition)

Companies, Technologies, Cost, Capacities
Global Perspectives through 2012

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About the Authors

Johannes Bernreuter

Johannes Bernreuter, 47, head of Bernreuter Research and lead author of the report. Bernreuter is one of the most reputable photovoltaic journalists in Germany because of his diligent research, clear style and unbiased approach. He has earned several awards, among others the prestigious RWTH Prize for Scientific Journalism from the RWTH Aachen University, one of the nine elite universities in Germany. 

Originally an associate editor at the monthly photovoltaic magazine Photon, Bernreuter authored his first analysis of the up­coming polysilicon bottleneck and alternative production processes as early as 2001. In 2008 he founded Bernreuter Research to publish comprehensive polysilicon market reports.

Frank Haugwitz

Frank Haugwitz, 46, photovoltaics (PV) consultant in Beijing and co-author. An industrial mechanic by profession, with a degree in Applied Business Languages (Sinology) and International Business Management, the native German has been working as a long-term expert on photovoltaic and renewable energy projects in China – supported by Germany and the European Union – since the summer of 2002.

Due to his extensive knowledge of Asia's PV development, international news media, PV associations and companies often refer to Haugwitz as an expert resource. He regularly publishes articles in magazines like New Energy and is frequently invited to speak at conferences. In late 2006 he launched the
China Renewable Energy Information web site as part of his efforts to provide advisory services on market intelligence, government institutions and policies, as well as business development regarding photovoltaics in China.

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