The Who's Who of Solar Silicon Production (Basic Edition)

Companies, Technologies, Cost, Capacities
Global Perspectives through 2012

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  • Edition:  2nd edition – May 26, 2010
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What customers say about the report

The Who's Who of Solar Silicon Production is the most detailed report covering this subject I have seen so far. It provides not only detailed production capacity ramp-up plans of about 100 companies, but also some interesting insights into technological alternatives for solar silicon production.

Dr. Christian Reufer

Market Analyst at Evonik Industries AG


This is an excellent resource for companies and consultants alike. It provides critical insight and details on both established players and newcomers to the industry as well as profiles and reviews on technology not found elsewhere.

Keith Landry
Former Vice President, Renewable Energy at CH2M HILL


Altogether, I find the way you have presented the companies and how you have examined the diverse technologies short, succinct as well as precisely summarized and elaborated. What I also like is the presentation of the companies' future development. What would be especially important to us is a more comprehensive consideration of current production and its prospective development, along with a corresponding assessment of volumes. I like the study very much and overall it is a job well done.

Dr. Hubert Aulich

Executive Director, German Operations at PV Crystalox Solar plc


It's surprising how the enormous data and even the widely accepted rumors could be collected and analyzed reliably. More surprising is Bernreuter's expertise in extracting explicit and quantitative essences from them.

Dr. Hee Young Kim

Principal Research Engineer at the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology


The report provides an excellent overview with many substantial insights into the polysilicon industry. Therefore, we highly recommend it. There are a few conclusions in benchmarking the different technologies that we view critically because some of the data for energy consumption and the resulting production costs are not comparable. A preferable model would be the Real Cost-of-Ownership calculation. We would be glad to provide our data for the next report as well.

Alexander Berg

Former CEO of Schmid Silicon Technology GmbH


The Who's Who of Solar Silicon Production is one of the most comprehensive and informative reviews of the current state of the polysilicon market. It provides a detailed snapshot of the sector players and technology advances. A very handy reference source.

Svetlana Symonenko

Former analyst at Nitol Solar Ltd.


The Who's Who of Solar Silicon Production is the most accurate and comprehensive polysilicon report we've found available in the market. It is a must read if you are looking to establish a fundamental understanding of the current state of the polysilicon industry.

Chad Fero

Senior Director Worldwide Service at GT Advanced Technologies Inc.


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