The Who's Who of Solar Silicon Production (Basic Edition)

Companies, Technologies, Cost, Capacities
Global Perspectives through 2012

  • Paperback:  174 pages (hard copy only, no electronic file)
  • Edition:  2nd edition – May 26, 2010
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How reviewers judge the report

The comprehensive report packs Metric Tons (MT) of silicon information into a compact 174 pages. Besides those active in the solar PV industry, analysts, investors, and firms evaluating PV market entry can leverage the concise and informative report. Semiconductor firms (…) are also poised to benefit from The Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production.

Edgar Gunther
on Read the complete review

The study contains well-founded and comprehensive information on the subject and is a must-have publication for all decision makers in the sector. The Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production rises above the usual publications in this sector through detailed research and attention to detail when describing the market. Bernreuter and Haugwitz deal with company figures, announcements and external forecasts in a critical and clear-headed manner – something which cannot be said of all PV studies. In short: it is well worth the price of € 950 plus VAT.

Jörn Iken in Sun & Wind Energy 6/2010. Read the complete review (PDF)


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