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PV system in China

No year-end PV rally in China: Installations come in at 52.8 GW

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According to data from China’s New Energy Administration, grid connections of domestic PV systems reached 52.83 GW in 2017.

Daqo New Energy's CEO Gongda Yao

Daqo New Energy’s CEO Gongda Yao leaves the company

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Chinese polysilicon and wafer producer Daqo New Energy Corp. has announced that Dr. Gongda Yao (59) will step down as its Chief Executive Officer with immediate effect for personal reasons.

Monthly polysilicon imports into China from December 2016 through November 2017

China’s polysilicon imports in November returned to level of June

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After a seasonal low in October, polysilicon imports into China in November rose to 14,918 metric tons, an increase of 33.8% month over month.

polysilicon chunks

Why the polysilicon spot price is still rising

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Several factors are playing a role in driving up the current polysilicon spot price.

Monthly polysilicon imports into China from November 2016 through October 2017

Weak Chinese polysilicon imports worsened by Wacker shortfall

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Polysilicon imports into China dropped considerably from the record high of 17,628 metric tons (MT) in September to 11,153 MT in October.

Duties on polysilicon imports from South Korea into China (2017 and 2014 tariffs)

China raises duties on polysilicon imports from South Korea

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On November 21, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (Mofcom) announced new duty rates for polysilicon imports from South Korea into China, following a mid-term review that took one year.

Ministry of Commerce (Mofcom) of China, press conference on February 9, 2017

Rumor: Duty on Korean polysilicon imports into China below 10%

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Taiwanese market researchers, PVinsights and EnergyTrend have spread rumors that future duties on polysilicon imports from South Korea into China would be set at a rate below 10%.

Monthly polysilicon imports into China from October 2016 through September 2017

Another record high for Chinese polysilicon imports in September

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With a volume of 17,628 metric tons (MT) in September, polysilicon imports into China reached the second record high in a row after they had hit 16,141 MT in August.

REC Silicon’s Q3 2017 update on FBR joint venture in Yulin

REC Silicon affirms production start of Chinese joint venture in Q4

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REC Silicon has affirmed that TianREC, its joint venture with Shaanxi Non-Ferrous Tianhong New Energy Co., Ltd., will start up production of (mono)silane and granular polysilicon as planned in the fourth quarter.

Hemlock Semiconductor’s polysilicon plant in Hemlock, Michigan (USA)

Polysilicon maker Hemlock Semiconductor to lay off 100 workers

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U.S.-based Hemlock Semiconductor, once the world’s largest polysilicon manufacturer, has announced that it will lay off 100 employees, most of them in the first quarter of 2018.