News on Hemlock Semiconductor

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Hemlock Semiconductor’s polysilicon plant in Hemlock, Michigan (USA)

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U.S.-based Hemlock Semiconductor, once the world’s largest polysilicon manufacturer, has announced that it will lay off 100 employees, most of them in the first quarter of 2018.

SolarWorld’s CEO Frank Asbeck (left) and CFO Philipp Koecke

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Although a U.S. court has affirmed Hemlock Semiconductor’s claim of nearly $800 million against a subsidiary of insolvent SolarWorld, Hemlock has not been admitted for voting at the creditors’ meeting.

Workers at SolarWorld Industries Sachsen handling silicon bricks

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SolarWorld Industries Sachsen GmbH (formerly Deutsche Solar GmbH), a wholly owned subsidiary of SolarWorld AG and customer of polysilicon manufacturer Hemlock Semiconductor, has filed for insolvency proceedings.

Factory of SolarWorld in Arnstadt, Thuringia

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German integrated solar module producer SolarWorld AG has announced that it will file for insolvency proceedings, due to over-indebtedness.