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REC Silicon’s silane/polysilicon plant in Butte, Montana

REC Silicon curtails production of solar-grade polysilicon in Butte

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U.S.-based manufacturer REC Silicon has curtailed production of solar-grade polysilicon at its facility in Butte, Montana and will focus on electronic grade for the semiconductor industry there.

Charleston residents protest against Wacker’s communication policy after hydrogen explosion at its polysilicon plant

Wacker: U.S. polysilicon plant shutdown will take several months

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After a hydrogen explosion has damaged its U.S. polysilicon plant, Wacker expects it will take several months until the plant is restarted. The company’s communication policy has sparked harsh criticism in the local community.

Vapor plume containing traces of hydrochloric acid after explosion at Wacker’s U.S. polysilicon plant in Charleston, Tennessee

Wacker’s U.S. polysilicon plant temporarily closed after explosion

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Chlorosilane escaped from two leaks after an explosion at Wacker’s polysilicon plant near Charleston, Tennessee (USA) on September 7. Production has been suspended until the cause of the explosion is found.

Wacker’s U.S. polysilicon plant in Charleston, Tennessee

Chemicals from Wacker’s U.S. polysilicon plant injure five workers

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A release of chemicals at Wacker’s polysilicon plant near Charleston, Tennessee (USA) has caused burns to five workers. They were taken to hospitals.

Tongwei logo on building

China-based Tongwei builds another 25,000-ton polysilicon plant

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After announcing a new polysilicon plant with a capacity of 25,000 tons in Leshan in March, Chinese Tongwei Group is planning to build another 25,000-ton plant in Baotou, Inner Mongolia.

Monocrystalline solar wafers from Zhonghuan Semiconductor

GCL-Poly and Zhonghuan Semiconductor intensify collaboration

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GCL-Poly Energy Holdings, China’s largest polysilicon producer, has closed a framework agreement with Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor, a manufacturer of monocrystalline wafers, for collaboration in several areas.

Drawing of GCL-Poly’s polysilicon plant in Xinjiang

Zhonghuan Semiconductor to take 10% share in Xinjiang GCL

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Jiangsu Zhongneng Polysilicon, a subsidiary of GCL-Poly Energy Holdings, and Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor, a manufacturer of monocrystalline wafers, have agreed to subscribe for new shares in Xinjiang GCL.

Port of Mundra, Gujarat state, India

Adani and China’s East Hope Group aiming for factory in India

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Indian logistics conglomerate Adani and Chinese industrial giant East Hope have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to invest $300 million in manufacturing units in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Adani’s solar factory in Mundra, Mundra Solar PV Limited (MSPVL)

Indian Adani Group puts polysilicon plans on the backburner

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Adani Green Energy, a subsidiary of the Indian logistics conglomerate Adani, has put its plan to manufacture polysilicon on hold, reports Indian newspaper Economic Times.

Workers at SolarWorld Industries Sachsen handling silicon bricks

Hemlock customer SolarWorld Industries Sachsen also insolvent

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SolarWorld Industries Sachsen GmbH (formerly Deutsche Solar GmbH), a wholly owned subsidiary of SolarWorld AG and customer of polysilicon manufacturer Hemlock Semiconductor, has filed for insolvency proceedings.