Scope: Research on the polysilicon, photovoltaic and semiconductor industries

Founded in 2008, Bernreuter Research is a leading provider of in-depth polysilicon industry reports. We specialize in the polysilicon industry and its markets, the solar and semiconductor industries. Through diligent market research, we thoroughly analyze polysilicon manufacturers and production processes.

Moreover, we develop detailed scenarios of future supply and demand, and forecast prices. The results are packed into insightful market reports. Since issuing the first edition in 2010, Bernreuter Research has gained a reputation of providing the most comprehensive and accurate polysilicon reports on the market.

Mission: Polysilicon market reports with unmatched precision

In 1851 the native-born German Paul Julius Reuter founded the renowned news agency Reuters in London. Not only do we associate the second part of the name Bernreuter with him, but we also see Reuter’s pursuit of accuracy and reliability as a role model.

Paul Julius Reuter (1816 - 1899), founder of the news agency Reuters
Paul Julius Reuter (1816 - 1899) – Image: Wikipedia

Our passion is to deliver polysilicon market reports with unmatched precision. It is rooted in our genes to supply you with information that is as precise as a Swiss watch. That is what the first part of our name stands for: Bern – the capital of Switzerland.

Swiss watch from Hublot SA with the Swiss flag on the side at 09:00, ASF-SFV Limited Edition for the Swiss Soccer Association
Swiss watch – Image: Hublot