Beijing promises faster launch of quota system for renewables

PV system in China
Chinese solar companies have criticized the government’s sudden cut of feed-in tariffs for PV systems – Image: Jinko Solar

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China said on June 7 it would accelerate the planned launch of a quota system that would force provinces to buy more power from renewable energy sources.

The NDRC reacted to a letter from eleven Chinese solar companies that criticized the government’s sudden cut of feed-in tariffs for PV systems as coming too soon. The eleven companies, among them Sungrow Power and Canadian Solar, argue that the Chinese PV industry has incurred huge debts and still needs another three to five years of government support.

In response to the argument that the Chinese PV market has grown too quickly, the letter points to the fact that PV systems cover just 1.7% of power generation in China.

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