Equipment provider Virasa re-emerges as Savi Research

Homepage of Savi Research, Inc.
Savi Research, obviously the successor of Virasa Technologies, launched a new web site in May – Screenshot: Bernreuter Research

Virasa Technologies, Inc., an unsuccessful provider of monosilane-based polysilicon production technology, seems to have re-emerged as Savi Research, Inc. Virasa was founded by former MEMC sales director Sanjeev Lahoti in 2008.

Savi’s web site was registered on May 5, 2017, but no responsible person has been named. However, the street address is the same as that of Virasa. Moreover, several patents are mentioned, whose inventors are Sanjeev Lahoti and Vithal Revankar. The company name has presumably been formed from the first two characters of their first names.

Update on November 2, 2019: The web site of Savi Research is not accessible anymore.

Update on December 23, 2020: Sanjeev Lahoti died of a heart attack on October 26, 2020 – three days after his 56th birthday.

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