REC Silicon curtails production of solar-grade polysilicon in Butte

REC Silicon’s silane/polysilicon plant in Butte, Montana
Pressured by high Chinese import duties, REC Silicon has curtailed polysilicon production at its plant in Butte – Image: REC Silicon

Still suffering from prohibitive duties on polysilicon imports from the United States into China, U.S.-based manufacturer REC Silicon has curtailed production of solar-grade polysilicon at its facility in Butte, Montana and will focus on electronic grade for the semiconductor industry there.

According to MTN News, headcount was reduced by 30 to 213 employees. REC’s polysilicon production capacity is approx. 18,000 metric tons (MT) in Moses Lake, Washington (fluidized bed reactors) and 3,500 MT in Butte (rod reactors). In 2016 REC produced 2,866 MT in Butte, of which 1,542 MT were solar grade and 1,324 MT electronic grade.

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