Shift to diamond wire saws drives down polysilicon consumption

GCL-Poly’s wafer factory in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, China
With its switch to diamond wire saws, GCL-Poly is trying to catch up on the cost advantage of monocrystalline wafers – Image: GCL-Poly

GCL-Poly Energy Holdings, the world’s largest maker of multicrystalline wafers, has completed its switch from slurry-based to diamond wire saws, according to Digitimes.

Diamond wire saws allow a much thinner wire than traditional slurry-based wire saws and thus reduce kerf loss significantly. Even with conservative assumptions on the market penetration of diamond wire saws, the specific silicon consumption will sink considerably as Bernreuter Research shows with a detailed scenario in its Polysilicon Market Outlook 2020.

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