The top 10 posts from Bernreuter Research on LinkedIn in 2020

The ten most popular posts from Bernreuter Research on LinkedIn in 2020
Accidents at GCL, Daqo and Wacker are Number 1, 3 and 6 among our top ten posts on LinkedIn in 2020 – Image: Bernreuter Research

“Bad news is good news” – this saying was unfortunately true for the ten most popular posts from Bernreuter Research on LinkedIn in 2020.

Number 1, 3 and 6 in our top ten list dealt with accidents at the polysilicon manufacturers Xinjiang GCL, Daqo and Wacker. The shutdown of OCI’s solar-grade polysilicon plant in South Korea was not good news either (only for competitors); it covers two spots in the ranking (No. 5 and 8). The extension of Chinese duties on polysilicon imports from the U.S. and South Korea by another five years (No. 2) and REC Silicon’s plan to restart production in Moses Lake (No. 4) also attracted much attention.

Here is the complete list of our top ten posts, ranked by engagement rate (the sum of clicks, reactions, shares and comments, divided by the number of impressions) and weighted by the absolute amount of engagement for the respective post:

1. Lessons from the polysilicon accidents at GCL and Daqo (Jul. 24)

2. New Chinese polysilicon duties are slap in the face to trade deal (Jan. 19)

3. After the explosion at GCL: Why a safety program is necessary (Aug. 13)

4. REC Silicon planning to restart its plant in Moses Lake in 2022 (Oct. 13)

5. OCI stops polysilicon production in Korea after hefty impairment (Feb. 11)

6. New incident at Wacker’s U.S. polysilicon plant: workers injured (Aug. 5)

7. Polysilicon manufacturer Daqo on the way to cash costs of $5/kg (Mar. 11)

8. Opinion: OCI hoists white flag against Chinese state capitalism (Feb. 13)

9. Covid-19 impact hits polysilicon manufacturers Wacker and OCI (Jul. 31)

10. Why PVinsights’ polysilicon spot price index has lost its relevance (Jan. 8)

Thank you for your interest in 2020. We wish you a peaceful holiday season and a happy, healthy New Year. May we all get relief in the fight against Covid-19 and not forget the climate crisis before it gets even worse. Keep distance and stay safe!

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