Will new PV installations in China exceed 40 GW in 2017?

PV system in China
A strong first half makes it likely that new PV installations in China will exceed 40 GW in 2017 – Image: JinkoSolar

According to the China National Renewable Energy Center (CNREC), solar power plants with a total capacity of 24 GW were connected to the grid in China in the first half of 2017. The Chinese website SolarBe.com reports that new PV installations of 41 GW are now expected in China for the full year.

pv magazine projects 35 to 40 GW. Already in May, Apricum Group forecasted a range of 37 to 42 GW for 2017.

41 GW in China would drive global PV installations to 90 GW in 2017.

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