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News on suppliers, market trends and technology innovations in polysilicon and wafer production is selected, assessed and written for you by Bernreuter Research.

Wafer production capacities in and outside China 2023/2024

Why wafers are the Achilles’ heel of a non-Chinese supply chain

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No other link of the solar supply chain is more dominated by China than the production of silicon ingots and wafers. There are reasons why non-Chinese wafer plants will hardly flourish anytime soon.

Polysilicon EBITDA margins of OCI Malaysia, Daqo, Wacker and REC Silicon from Q1 2023 through Q1 2024

Wacker is approaching the margin of Chinese competitor Daqo

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After the polysilicon price in China has fallen even below the cash costs of Daqo, its German competitor Wacker could soon outstrip the EBITDA margin of the Chinese polysilicon manufacturer.

Polysilicon EBITDA margins of OCI Malaysia, Daqo, Wacker and REC Silicon from Q4 2022 through Q4 2023

Polysilicon makers achieved mixed results in the fourth quarter

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The EBITDA margins of OCI Malaysia, Wacker and REC Silicon fell to a various extent and for different reasons. Only Chinese manufacturer Daqo New Energy was able to buck the trend.

Compund annual growth rates of global PV installations 1975 - 2023

Why 4 terawatts of annual PV installations in 2030 are possible

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A new analysis presented by Bernreuter Research at the PV CellTech conference supports a scenario from Dr. Dahlmeier Financial Risk Management AG , which is based on an annual PV growth rate of 36%.

Chart of the top ten PV markets in 2023, forecast contained in the Polysilicon Market Outlook 2027

China saves its solar industry with installation record of 260 GW

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China’s solar market once again served as a backstop for the domestic photovoltaic (PV) industry, which has built up massive overcapacity. The country set up a new installation record of 260 GW (DC) in 2023.

Polysilicon price trend 2023 versus 2011

Polysilicon price decline in 2023 vs. 2011 – an amazing parallel

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The comparison between the polysilicon price developments in 2023 and 2011 is the most precise forecast Bernreuter Research has ever made. As it has turned out, the price dropped by 66% in both years.