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News on suppliers, market trends and technology innovations in polysilicon and wafer production is selected, assessed and written for you by Bernreuter Research.

Wacker’s U.S. polysilicon plant in Charleston, Tennessee

Bernreuter expects 120 GW PV market, no polysilicon glut in 2018

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Bernreuter Research expects a 120 GW PV market in 2018, with approximately 65 GW of new installations in China, and no polysilicon oversupply.

Monthly polysilicon imports into China from January through December 2017

China’s polysilicon imports drop in December, ahead of spot price

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After a short recovery in November, polysilicon imports into China fell back to 12,534 metric tons in December, a decrease of 16% month over month.

polysilicon chunks

Why the polysilicon spot price is still rising

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Several factors are playing a role in driving up the current polysilicon spot price.

SMA’s market outlook of global new PV installations 2017 - 2020

SMA: Global PV installations of 98 GW in 2017, 127 GW in 2020

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Major solar inverter manufacturer SMA anticipates 98 gigawatts (GW) of newly installed PV power worldwide in 2017. Its outlook for 2020 is conservative: only 127 GW.

Monthly polysilicon imports into China from September 2016 through August 2017

Strong demand drives Chinese polysilicon imports to next record

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With a monthly volume of 16,141 tons, polysilicon imports into China reached another record high in August, anticipating stronger demand for PV systems.

PV system in China

Will new PV installations in China exceed 40 GW in 2017?

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PV systems with a total capacity of 24 GW were connected to the grid in China in the first half of 2017. The Chinese website reports that new installations of 41 GW are now expected for the full year.

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Polysilicon spot price starts falling again

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Two weeks ahead of the feed-in tariff cut for PV systems in China on June 30, growing concerns about future demand have sent the polysilicon spot price south.