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Polysilicon rod grown on tube filament

GTAT’s tube filaments for polysilicon rods debuted at SNEC show

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U.S.-based GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) for the first time showcased polysilicon rods grown on tube filaments at SNEC, the world’s largest solar trade show, in Shanghai in late May.

Polysilicon tube filaments from GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT)

GTAT introduces innovation to reduce polysilicon costs by $2/kg

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Equipment supplier GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) has developed tube filaments as an alternative to conventional slim rods for more efficient deposition of silicon from trichlorosilane in rod reactors.

Diamond wire saw with monocrystalline silicon ingot

Solar wafer makers accelerate switch to diamond wire saws

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Many Chinese producers of multicrystalline solar wafers have accelerated their transition to lower-cost diamond wire slicing and will complete the switch by the end of 2017, Digitimes reports.

Logo of Sunpower Group

Chinese equipment makers capture domestic polysilicon market

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Chinese suppliers of polysilicon production equipment, such as Sunpower Group and Duble, are winning big contracts for new domestic polysilicon projects from GCL-Poly and others.

Homepage of Savi Research, Inc.

Equipment provider Virasa re-emerges as Savi Research

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Virasa Technologies, Inc., an unsuccessful provider of monosilane-based polysilicon production technology, seems to have re-emerged as Savi Research, Inc.