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Weekly polysilicon spot price indices of PVinsights and EnergyTrend in 2019 and 2020

Has PVinsights’ polysilicon spot price index overcome its bias?

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The weekly polysilicon spot price average provided by Taiwanese market researcher PVinsights has shown a bias towards low-price multi-grade polysilicon since 2019, but this seems to change now.

Shares of top three players, Longi, Zhonghuan Semiconductor and JinkoSolar, in global mono wafer capacity in 2019; shares of monocrystalline and multicrystalline modules in JinkoSolar’s shipments in 2018, 2019 and 2020

Jinko takes the lead: nearly 100% of modules to be mono in 2020

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Marking the rapid demise of multicrystalline technology, the world’s largest module supplier, JinkoSolar, expects monocrystalline modules to make up nearly 100% of its shipments in 2020.

Shares of global polysilicon production capacity

Polysilicon maker REC Silicon “more or less without customers”

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U.S.-based REC Silicon is edging closer to shutting down its polysilicon plant in Moses Lake, Washington. The factory is currently running at 25% of its capacity.

Ferroglobe’s cost reduction plan 2019

Construction of Ferrosolar’s UMG silicon lant in Spain is on hold

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Ferroglobe has announced that construction of the upgraded metallurgical-grade (UMG) silicon factory of its subsidiary Silicio Ferrosolar in Spain “is on standby until end market conditions improve.”

GCL-Poly’s wafer factory in Suzhou

GCL-Poly made a loss in first ten months of 2018, sells wafer unit

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Leading China-based polysilicon and wafer maker GCL-Poly Energy Holdings made a loss of approx. US$77.7 million in the first ten months of 2018; the group will dispose its subsidiary Suzhou Kezhun Photovoltaic Technologies.

Diamond wire saw with monocrystalline silicon ingot

Success factors of monocrystalline technology in the PV market

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An interesting background article of pv magazine illustrates the technological progress that has facilitated the current upswing of monocrystalline silicon in the PV market.

Solar module from GCL System Integration Technology made of cast mono wafers

GCL introduces mono-like solar panel – is it already economical?

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Chinese solar cell and module producer GCL System Integration Technology has started mass production of solar modules made of cast mono (also known as mono-like or quasi-mono) wafers from its affiliate GCL-Poly.

Presentation by GCL System Integration at EU PVSEC 2018: Industrially feasible PERC cells on diamond wire sawn multicrystalline silicon wafers textured by RIE towards 21.62% efficiency

Why you should not write multicrystalline silicon off too early

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The European PV conference has shown that multicrystalline solar cells are still in the game. Three out of seven members of the Silicon Module Super League are strong on multi and believe in the future of this technology.

Directional solidification furnaces for multicrystalline silicon at Daqo New Energy in Chongqing

Daqo’s wafer biz exit shows: multicrystalline silicon is in trouble

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Daqo New Energy’s decision to abandon its multicrystalline wafer manufacturing unit in Chongqing appears as a sign of bigger things to come: The market share of multicrystalline wafers will fall drastically.

Drawing of GCL-Poly’s polysilicon plant in Xinjiang

GCL’s new polysilicon plant in Xinjiang will start up in September

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GCL-Poly Energy Holdings has confirmed reports that the first phase of its new polysilicon plant in Xinjiang with a capacity of 20,000 metric tons will start up in September.