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Multicrystalline silicon block from upgraded metallurgical-grade (UMG) silicon made by Silicio Ferrosolar

Ferrosolar to open UMG silicon plant, claims 18.5% cell efficiency

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Ferrosolar is currently building a factory for upgraded metallurgical-grade (UMG) silicon in Puertollano in Spain, which is slated to open in late 2018. The company claims a multicrystalline cell efficiency of 18.5% for its unblended UMG material.

Direct wafer process of 1366 Technologies

1366 is further ahead with its direct wafer process than assumed

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U.S.-based start-up 1366 Technologies has made more progress with its wafers directly formed from molten silicon than it was speculated after the company cancelled a 250 MW factory in upstate New York.

Direct wafer process of 1366 Technologies

GCL-Poly has started research in direct wafers from molten silicon

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GCL-Poly, the world's largest manufacturer of multicrystalline solar wafers, has initiated research in direct wafer growth from molten silicon.

polysilicon chunks

Why the polysilicon spot price is still rising

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Several factors are playing a role in driving up the current polysilicon spot price.

Presentation by GCL System Integration at EU PVSEC 2017: Industrially feasible PERC cells on diamond wire sawn multicrystalline silicon wafers textured by RIE towards 20.78% efficiency

Multicrystalline PV sector strikes back against monocrystalline

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More efficient Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) technology will soon gain ground on multicrystalline cells made of cost-cutting diamond-wire-sawn wafers with a so-called ‚black-silicon’ texture.

Diamond wire saw with monocrystalline silicon ingot

Solar wafer makers accelerate switch to diamond wire saws

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Many Chinese producers of multicrystalline solar wafers have accelerated their transition to lower-cost diamond wire slicing and will complete the switch by the end of 2017, Digitimes reports.

Monocrystalline silicon ingot

PV Tech predicts major shift to monocrystalline cells in 2018

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Solar Intelligence, the market research arm of PV-Tech, forecasts that monocrystalline solar cells will jump to a market share of 49% in crystalline solar cell production in 2018.