New Polysilicon Information Platform on the Web

Bernreuter Research provides market analysis, top ten ranking, price trends and news

The polysilicon information platform provided online by Bernreuter Research
The new polysilicon information platform provided online by Bernreuter Research – Screenshot: Bernreuter Research

Würzburg (Germany), July 8, 2020 – Polysilicon industry expert Bernreuter Research has just provided a new, comprehensive information platform on its relaunched website. “We want to offer everyone interested in the polysilicon, solar or semiconductor markets easily accessible, useful information of high quality. That’s exactly what we stand for as a provider of in-depth polysilicon market reports,” says Johannes Bernreuter, founder and head of Bernreuter Research.

The new website features background information and a ranking of the world’s top ten polysilicon manufacturers, an assessment of production processes, a detailed market analysis as well as the current trend, forecast and history of the polysilicon price. It also sheds light on the solar value chain and gives an outlook on the photovoltaic market in 2020.

The newsroom includes more than 150 news articles on suppliers, market trends and technology innovations in polysilicon and wafer production – all selected, assessed and written by Bernreuter Research; the news items can be searched by nearly 100 tags. Moreover, a collection of PDF articles contains interesting media reports, announcements of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce on polysilicon import duties and court decisions on polysilicon contract disputes.

Users are invited to comment on the website in the fields provided for this purpose. “We appreciate any constructive feedback,” says Bernreuter.

For more information, go to, or follow Bernreuter Research on LinkedIn.

About Bernreuter Research

Bernreuter Research was founded in 2008 by Johannes Bernreuter, one of the most reputable photovoltaic journalists in Germany, to publish global polysilicon market reports. As early as 2001, Bernreuter authored his first analysis of an upcoming polysilicon bottleneck and new production processes. Since publishing its first report in 2010, Bernreuter Research has gained a reputation of providing the most comprehensive and accurate polysilicon reports on the market.