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Payment methods

You can choose between two payment methods: prepayment via bank transfer or payment by credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

Prepayment via bank transfer

If you opt for bank transfer, you will receive a PDF invoice within few hours after your order (depending on your time zone). The PDF invoice contains the details of the bank account of Bernreuter Research, to which you have to transfer the invoice amount in euros. As soon as your transfer has appeared on our account, we will dispatch your ordered report copy.

Payment by credit card

You may pay with a credit card from Visa or MasterCard. The credit card is debited with the invoiced amount in euros and the payment is acknowledged by the service provider Unzer immediately after your order has been checked. We will then e-mail you a PDF invoice confirming the successful payment and dispatch your ordered report copy at once.

See also our General Terms & Conditions.

World time clocks at a jewelry shop in Würzburg, Germany
The delivery time for our polysilicon industry reports is two days at most for many locations worldwide – Image: Bernreuter Research

Delivery time

If you pay with credit card, we will be able to dispatch your report copy still on the day of your order under the following conditions:

  • We receive your order by twelve noon Central European (Summer) Time (CET/CEST).
  • Your order form is complete and does not require any clarification.
  • There are no problems or delays with debiting your credit card.

Since Bernreuter Research only offers hard copies of its polysilicon industry reports (see FAQ), it sends them via a classical express shipping carrier. We have chosen FedEx for this purpose.

Shipping is free for you. We take over the shipping costs.

Provided there is no delay at customs or at FedEx itself (if that should happen, the delay is usually one business day), you can expect the following delivery times for various destinations according to our experience (no liability assumed):

  • One to two business days: Europe, USA
  • Two business days: India, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia
  • Two to three business days: Canada, Japan
  • Two to five business days: Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates)

In any case, we will inform you about the expected delivery time and provide you with a number for tracking the shipment on the website of FedEx after we dispatch your report copy.