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Your professional and free information platform on the feedstock for semiconductors and solar cells

Polysilicon (short for: polycrystalline silicon) is made by chemically purifying metallurgical-grade silicon (also known as silicon metal) in the so-called Siemens process. The highly pure product is the fundamental feedstock for both semiconductors and solar cells.

On this professional information platform provided by Bernreuter Research, you will find

  • background information and a ranking of the world’s top ten polysilicon manufacturers;
  • an assessment of polysilicon production processes: the dominant Siemens process, fluidized bed reactor (FBR) technology and upgraded metallurgical-grade (UMG) silicon;
  • an evaluation of the two main polysilicon uses in semiconductors and solar cells;
  • a detailed analysis of the size, shares and trends of the polysilicon market as well as
  • comprehensive information on the polysilicon price trend, encompassing the current spot price, charts, price forecast and history.

In-depth analysis of the polysilicon market and industry, packed with hundreds of data and insightful conclusions, is provided in our polysilicon industry reports.

Moreover, in our newsroom you can follow the latest polysilicon news on suppliers, market and technology.