RWTH Prize Scientific Journalism 2007

Prize of the RWTH Aachen University (Best contribution in the category print media)

Awarded contribution:

Solarzellen – einfach gedruckt. Vakuumprozesse verteuern die Herstellung von Dünnschicht- Solarmodulen – nicht so bei der Firma Nanosolar (Solar cells – simply printed. Vacuum processes increase the cost of manufacturing thin-film solar modules – but not at the company Nanosolar), in: bild der wissenschaft  2/2007

The prize in the category print media goes to Johannes Bernreuter for his excellent reporting from the realm of science. The author describes the development of thin-film solar modules by printing the semiconductor on foil – with ink from nanoparticles. Laudable is, above all, how he represents the technology transfer from the idea to product in a way both readable and scientifically accurate.
From the jury’s statement

RWTH rector Burkhard Rauhut (right) congratulates Johannes Bernreuter – Image: RWTH Aachen University

Stromerzähler (Electricity Narrator) 2003

Journalist Prize of NaturEnergie AG (Third prize, best print contribution)

Awarded contribution:
Passender Mosaikstein. Killerargumente widerlegen (7): "Photovoltaik kann kein Kraftwerk ersetzen" (Suitable Tessera. Refuting killer arguments (7): "Photovoltaics will never replace power plants"), in: Photon  3/2003

Go to the complete series "Refuting killer arguments" (seven parts in German) on the web site of Elektro Abele

The report describes and proves, through numerous graphs and tables, how electricity from coal and nuclear power plants can be replaced with the correct mixture of renewable energy sources from solar and wind power in the long term. The contribution is characterized in particular by how very relevant the topic is and how well the information has been prepared.
From the jury’s statement

Stromerzähler (Electricity Narrator) 2002

Journalist Prize of NaturEnergie AG (Third prize, second best print contribution)

Awarded contribution:

Vision oder Schwindel? Bis zur Photovoltaik der dritten Generation ist es noch ein weiter Weg (Vision or scam? There is still a long way to go to third-generation photovoltaics), in: Photon  3/2002

The contribution deals with the technological further development of solar cells. Particular mention should be made regarding the quality of the research and information.
From the jury’s statement

Member of the jury Klaus Heidler (left) presents the award – Image: NaturEnergie AG

Karl Theodor Vogel Prize for Technical Journalism 2001

Prize of the Karl Theodor Vogel Foundation (Second prize, only print contributions)

Awarded contribution:
„Der Zeitdruck ist enorm“. Die Photovoltaikindustrie braucht dringend eine neue Quelle für Silizium, in: Photon  9/2001 (English version: „The time pressure is enormous.“ The photovoltaics industry desperately needs a new source of silicon, in: Photon International  9/2001)

The work contributes to improving an understanding for the technology and to using the technology more efficiently for the good of mankind. With this assessment, the jury recognizes the work’s clarity, independence and creativity as well as the journalistic expertise of the author.
From the jury’s statement

Karl Theodor Vogel (right) presents the award - Image: Karl Theodor Vogel Foundation