What clients say about our polysilicon market reports

The reports of Bernreuter Research are a valuable resource for solid insight into the rapidly evolving photovoltaic industry. The well-researched content provides an easy to digest forward view of upcoming market and technology trends.

Charlie Gay

Charlie Gay
Charlie Gay – Image: Wilhelm Breuer

Dr. Charlie Gay is President of the Energy Division at Galaxy Trade and Technology LLC, a supplier of magnesium alloys, co-founder of the Greenstar Foundation and consultant of several companies, research institutes and organizations in the renewable energy field. From August 2016 through October 2019 he was director of the Solar Energy Technologies Office at the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, D.C. Gay has over 45 years of experience in the photovoltaic industry; he served in leading positions at:

“Very detailed report on market history and future trends”

Bernreuter Research provides a very detailed report that covers the history of the market but also the future trends along with the drivers behind them. I highly recommend The Polysilicon Market Outlook 2024.

Chuck Sutton, Vice President – FBR Polysilicon Sales at REC Silicon

“Instrumental in mapping the solar supply chain”

Bernreuter’s Polysilicon Market Outlook contains detailed quantitative information, such as historical production capacities, forecasts and technical information, as well as comprehensive information on the competitive landscape. The report was instrumental in the work that my organization is carrying out in mapping the solar supply chain. Moreover, Johannes has been helpful in providing supplemental context and information. I highly recommend this work and his services.

Guido Agostinelli, Sector Lead, Solar Industry and Solar Energy Solutions at International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group)

“High level of detail to get a deeper understanding of the industry”

The Polysilicon Market Outlook 2024 provides a comprehensive overview on the subject matter. In particular, the high level of detail is very helpful in getting a deeper understanding of the current state of the polysilicon industry and its players. A very valuable report.

Frank Siebke, Chief Financial Officer at NexWafe GmbH

“Great historical perspective on the macro trends”

Bernreuter Research has been and continues to be a leading provider of high quality research on the polysilicon and solar manufacturing markets. Their research and track record has kept up with a rapidly changing industry and provides great historical perspective on the macro trends influencing change.

Phil Rausch, Solar Commercial Manager at Hemlock Semiconductor

“Highly interesting in-depth research”

Bernreuter Research provides highly interesting in-depth research on the polysilicon market, with updates on the newest trends and technological development. As an analyst myself, I appreciate the high level of detail provided. The Polysilicon Market Outlook 2020 is well written and I would strongly recommend it.

Jonas Meyer, Equity Analyst at SpareBank 1 Markets

“Highly comprehensive, useful and up to date”

The  Polysilicon Market Outlook 2020 represents a highly comprehensive and useful information source with regard to polysilicon technology – for both PV and semiconductor usage. With their regular updates year by year, market trends as well as new technology innovations, the reports from Bernreuter Research are always up to date within a still rapidly changing and highly volatile market environment. From the perspective of an internationally operating research institute, the reports offer great additional value in areas that are not easily accessible by standard literature research.

Dr. Jochen Rentsch, Department Head and Coordinator of Industrial Transfer Projects at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems

“Provides missing pieces of the puzzle”

The Polysilicon Market Outlook 2020 report delivers a comprehensive but compact and easy to read market overview, which supports us well in our business of contactless, automated, high-purity poly and mono silicon crushing technology. The report fits very well in our own market picture, adds valuable information, and provides missing pieces of the puzzle.

Johannes Käppeler, former Chief Technology Officer at SELFRAG AG

“An all-encompassing market overview”

As a market participant and reader of all previous editions of  The Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production, my company and I also find the 2014 edition an important piece of information. Silicon Products Bitterfeld GmbH & Co. KG is active worldwide as a polysilicon producer and engineering company. Therefore, an all-encompassing market overview, as condensed in this report, constitutes an additional source of information to make the right strategic decisions. This report provides a wealth of figures and fascinating prospects well into 2017. Apart from few exceptions, these forecasts are also in accordance with our assumptions. I hope the optimistic trends are correct. This would be good for our climate and for the solar industry.

“Positive contrast to commonplace reports”

The 2014 Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production fully ties in with the good quality of former Bernreuter publications. The report provides a comprehensive view of the solar silicon sector with interesting analyses of the supply and demand perspectives through 2017. Overall it’s a positive contrast to commonplace reports and provides good value for money.

Peter Stumper, Product Marketing Manager at SGL CARBON GmbH

“Excellently researched information with extremely high density”

Bernreuter Research provides excellently researched information on all the technologies that the polysilicon industry uses today. The reports are comfortably compact with an extremely high density of information and allow targeted reading without wasting time. The Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production, whose 2012 new edition was eagerly awaited by experts of the photovoltaic and polysilicon industries, is a rarity in the branch.

Jochen Schneider, former CEO of Schmid Silicon Technology GmH

“The perfect reference for anyone in the silicon business”

Like the Basic Edition, The 2012 Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production gives a detailed yet easy to follow account of pretty much everyone in the silicon game. The market analysis is very comprehensive and the assessment of the various technologies most informative, giving the reader a clear account of the state of the industry and its potential future. The perfect reference for anyone in or aspiring to enter the silicon business.

Prof. Mansoor Barati, Director of the Sustainable Materials Processing Research Lab, University of Toronto

“The most detailed source on production technologies”

For our strategic business development, we rely on The 2012 Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production as the most detailed source of information on silicon production technologies. The comprehensive overview allows us to keep track both of technological competitors and customers in the solar silicon market.

Jan-Philipp Mai, CEO and Founder of JPM Silicon GmbH

“Detailed, insightful and up-to-date reports – a must-have”

Silicor Materials relies on Bernreuter Research for highly dependable silicon industry research. Bernreuter’s detailed, insightful and up-to-date reports are a must-have to demonstrate your company’s credibility to clients and financing partners. We look forward to continuing to reference Bernreuter Research as our preferred and recommended resource on the polysilicon industry.

Christopher Angelo, former Chief Financial Officer at Silicor Materials Inc.

“Very valuable”

The 2012 Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production is very valuable to us even though we are a semiconductor manufacturer and in no way active in the solar business.

Miroslav Adensam, Procurement Site Manager at ON Semiconductor Czech Republic, s.r.o.

“The most detailed report I have seen so far”

The Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production is the most detailed report covering this subject I have seen so far. It provides not only detailed production capacity ramp-up plans of about 100 companies, but also some interesting insights into technological alternatives for solar silicon production.

Dr. Christian Reufer, Market Analyst at Evonik Industries AG

“Critical insight and technology reviews not found elsewhere”

This is an excellent resource for companies and consultants alike. It provides critical insight and details on both established players and newcomers to the industry as well as profiles and reviews on technology not found elsewhere.

Keith Landry, formerly Vice President, Renewable Energy at CH2M (now belonging to Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.)

“Succinct and precisely elaborated”

Altogether, I find the way you have presented the companies and how you have examined the diverse technologies short, succinct as well as precisely summarized and elaborated. What I also like is the presentation of the companies’ future development. What would be especially important to us is a more comprehensive consideration of current production and its prospective development, along with a corresponding assessment of volumes. I like the study very much and overall it is a job well done.

Dr. Hubert Aulich, formerly Executive Director, German Operations at PV Crystalox Solar plc

“Enormous data reliably analyzed”

It’s surprising how the enormous data and even the widely accepted rumors could be collected and analyzed reliably. More surprising is Bernreuter’s expertise in extracting explicit and quantitative essences from them.

Dr. Hee Young Kim, formerly Principal Research Engineer at the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology

“A very handy reference source”

The Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production is one of the most comprehensive and informative reviews of the current state of the polysilicon market. It provides a detailed snapshot of the sector players and technology advances. A very handy reference source.

Svetlana Symonenko, former analyst at Nitol Solar Ltd.

“The most accurate and comprehensive report in the market”

The Who’s Who of Solar Silicon Production is the most accurate and comprehensive polysilicon report we’ve found available in the market. It is a must read if you are looking to establish a fundamental understanding of the current state of the polysilicon industry.

Chad Fero, formerly Senior Director Worldwide Service at GT Advanced Technologies Inc.

What readers say about our magazine reports

Johannes Bernreuter is a higly qualified journalist in the photovoltaic space whose carefully researched and clearly written reports on market, industry and research I have learnt to appreciate since quite some time. Specifically, his diligent analysis of new developments in the area of silicon feedstock material provides well-founded insight for specialists in the PV field as well as non-experts.

Eicke Weber

Prof. Dr. Eicke Weber, director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) from 2006 through 2016
Eicke Weber – Image: Wilhelm Breuer

Prof. Dr. Eicke Weber is co-chairman of the European Solar Manufacturing Council and a senior advisor at the consulting firm Apricum. From July 2006 through December 2016, he was director of the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Freiburg (Germany) and incumbent of the Chair for Applied Physics, Solar Energy, at the University of Freiburg. An engagement as director and chief executive officer of the Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore (BEARS) followed from January 2017 through May 2018. Weber already taught at the Department of Material Science and Engineering of the University of California in Berkeley from 1983 to 2006. The physicist is considered as one of the worldwide leading experts for the characterization of defects in silicon and so-called III-V semiconductors like gallium arsenide and gallium nitride.

“Everything included”

Good things come to those who wait (report from the 25th EU PVSEC in Valencia), in: Sun & Wind Energy 11/2010

Your article about Fast ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) and Al2O3 had everything in it! Great overview of the PVSEC 2010 in Valencia, including the advantages of Fast ALD technique compared to the standard PECVD (Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition).

Roger Görtzen, Product Manager at ASML, formerly Director Marketing & Sales and Co-founder of SoLayTec B.V., Eindhoven (Netherlands)

“Very good overview”

Breaking out of the niche (world market survey on thin-film technologies), in: Sun & Wind Energy 1/2007

I read your review of thin film technology with great interest – a very good and detailed overview.

Daniel Davies, Manager at Solarcentury Holdings Limited, London (United Kingdom)

“Truly commendable”

Breaking out of the niche (world market survey on thin-film technologies), in: Sun & Wind Energy 1/2007

Your article on “Thin Films” is of high quality and fantastic. This is truly commendable.

Jaideep Malaviya, President of Malaviya Solar Energy Consultancy, Kondhwa, Pune (Maharashtra/India)

“Excellent report”

Marschroute zum Heiligen Gral (The path to the Holy Grail; article in German about the 21st European photovoltaic conference in Dresden), in: Sonne Wind & Wärme 11/2006

Your report of the Dresden conference was excellent.

Guy Beaucarne, since March 2009 Manager at Dow Corning (now Dow), Seneffe (Belgium), previously Leader of the Silicon Solar Cells Group at the Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC), Leuven (Belgium)

“The most comprehensive overview”

The Great Window of Opportunity (world market survey on thin-film technologies), in: Sun & Wind Energy 2/2005

I found your "Great Window of Opportunity" article to be the most comprehensive overview of the current industry that I have yet seen.

Arno Penzias, co-winner of the 1978 Nobel Prize in Physics and former Venture Partner at New Enterprise Associates, Menlo Park (California/USA)

“Thoroughly understood”

Effiziente Abziehfolien aus Silizium. Das Bayerische Zentrum für Angewandte Energieforschung (Efficient transfer foils made of silicon. The Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research), in: Photon 3/2004

We read your article with eagerness. I was very pleased that you have understood our developments so thoroughly.

Rolf Brendel, since October 2004 Director of the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln/Emmerthal (ISFH) in Emmerthal (Germany), previously Division Head at the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research in Erlangen (Germany)

“Detailed research”

Willkommenes Alibi. Die Elektrizitätswirtschaft schiebt Ökostrom als Grund für überhöhte Regelenergiepreise vor (A welcome alibi. The electricity industry blames green energy for the excessive price of balancing power), in: Photon 6/2003

I especially enjoyed your matter-of-fact and detailed research into the connections between the single bidders and their price increases, as well as their impact.

Hans-Peter Ahmels, President of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE) from 1996 until 2007, Gut Oldeborg, Hooksiel (Germany)

“The best documentation”

Killerargumente widerlegen (Refuting killer arguments, seven-part series in German), in: Photon 9/2002 - 3/2003

I want to congratulate you on your excellently researched ‚Killer arguments’ series. It is the best documentation available on the questions asked again and again.

Ludwig Trautmann-Popp († 2009), former Energy Policy Officer at the Confederation of Nature Conservation in Bavaria (a branch of Friends of the Earth), Bamberg (Germany)

“Well presented”

Vision oder Schwindel? Bis zur Photovoltaik der dritten Generation ist es noch ein weiter Weg (Vision or scam? Still a long way to go for third-generation photovoltaics), in: Photon 3/2002

I congratulate you on your article about third-generation photovoltaics. It presents the current state of knowledge well.

Peter Würfel, Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Applied Physics of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (formerly University of Karlsruhe), Germany

“Precise and balanced”

Wettstreit der Systeme. Welches Instrument fördert erneuerbare Energien besser: Einspeisetarif oder Quotenregelung? (Competing systems: Which model promotes renewable energies better: feed-in tariffs or quotas?), in: Photon 5/2001

I enjoyed your article immensely. It presents a complicated topic in a precise and balanced way.

Helmuth Groscurth, Managing Director of arrhenius consult gmbh, Hamburg (Germany)